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Lemon Crush

    I saw this Zara jacket on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago & had to have it. I’m not normally prone to rash purchases of such substantial items, but I bought it right away. I’ve learned by now that if I see something I like through Pinterest to not take too long thinking […]

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Gail - Are you freaking KIDDING ME?!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!

Tina - You look AMAZING in this outfit! I wish I had one tenth your sense of style:)

Hollie - I’m blown away!! You’re a natural! You look awesome!

Misty - I love it?! You look so AWESOME and take GREAT pictures! Very sweet of your hubby to help you out..good job Dustin!

APRIL - Well, you guys are awesome. You totally know how to make a girl feel special :)

@Tina – Puh-lease. I’ve seen your cute outfits on Instagram, you can’t fool me!

@Misty – Wasn’t that nice of him?