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Inside My House – Bathroom #1

Here’s the first room in my home tour. It may seem weird to start with a bathroom, but it’s probably my favorite room (design-wise) in my house right now. It’s still not 100% finished, but then again, it probably never will be. I’m always changing, adding or removing things in my rooms. It drives my […]

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Gail - Wait…WAIT…is that WALLPAPER BORDER ON THE TUB?!!!! Insanity. And I love your tile flooring in there so much, I could be served dinner on it and be happy :)

Maya Laurent - Wow April! This is amazing!!! I’m with Gail…what was up with the wallpaper on the tub?! The yellow tub is perfect with the white tile. Love!

Tina - WOW that is the most amazing before and after EVER! Beautiful job:) Did you find a tutorial on how to paint your tub online?? I have a claw foot tub in one of my bathrooms also and it desperately needs a face lift – would love to know how you did it!

jesszwo - April, your bathroom is crazy rockin!!! LOVE it. And this site? So awesome! Can’t wait to keep up with it.

Courtney - April- I love the pictures!!! The tutorials over the designs and how you put everything together is fabulous! You have such a great sense of style!!!! Can’t wait to see more of your blogs!!!

APRIL - Thanks for all the love for my little bathroom! You’ve totally warmed my heart :) To answer the burning question, yep, that’s wallpaper on the tub, believe it or not. We have a pedestal tub in the upstairs bathroom that had wallpaper on the base of it. Who knows? I’m just glad it came off :)

@ Tina – I’ve seen tutorials online before on how to paint your tub, but honestly, I just primed it and then painted it with 3 coats of regular wall paint. It really could’ve used at least 1 more, but I was over it at that point. It’s not completely smooth, but I think that’s part of it’s charm.

jenn - That is an AMAZING transformation!!! You’ve got a house with great “bones” and you’re able to see the potential. Gorgeous! And the pull-chain toilet…totally awesome :)

Jen Z - This is gorgeous!!! I love your sense of style and the difference between the before and after is amazing. :)

Inside My House – Living Room » a study in CONTRASTS - […] usually a little crazy looking, this has always been my favorite room in the house, well, until the bathroom came along, that is. The only thing that I’d change is the wall color. This was the very […]

Tonya - Just saw this on Apartment Therapy. WHAT a transformation. Great job!!!

caitlin - What color paint and what brand did you use? Did you use different paints on the wood and on the walls? I love this room!

Chelsea V - This was my grandparents’ house! (I can verify my last name in email for you and You’d have no doubt ;) ). I hope you don’t find this creepy, but in this crazy small social media world Gail’s post about your vow renewal showed up on my Facebook news feed and as soon as I saw a picture of the barn I knew that was it. I found your blog and indeed it is! I could go on about that house but yes, my grandma is a nut for wallpaper and my grandpa was very good at hanging it so they covered the house. Of course he probably only gave into the tub border to stop the nagging. :) I’m so happy to see that you kept the toilet! Are your kids afraid of it? We used to be terrified and would pull the chain and run. Anyway, sorry for such a long comment and I hope it doesn’t come across as stalkerish but it is blowing my mind to see the house updated. I have so many memories there and I’m glad your kids will get to grow up there and make their own!

carly tati - Hey April,
I’m not sure how I ended up on your bathroom post just now, but anyway, I am absolutely cracking up over here about your before pictures compared to the after photos. So different! Nice work!