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Nursery PomPoms

It’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog I’m kind of embarrassed to come back. However, I promised my friend Hollie that I would post about this project I did for the nursery, so maybe this is just what I need to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak. I have one […]

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Gail - You freakin’ amaze me. No pressure on this big nursery reveal..just, you know, I have the popcorn ready for when you decide to share it :)

Hollie - April, I get all teary looking at this. It’s perfect in every way. I’m so glad you posted it!

Stephanie O'Connor - This is insanely amamzing. love everything about it!

Maya Laurent - April…this is perfect! I can’t wait to see the rest of the nursery!

Kid (or adult) Made Modern

I’ve loved Todd Oldham ever since I used to watch him on House of Style waaaaaay back when. His stuff is just so fun & colorful, as is he. When I heard that Target (everyone’s favorite) was teaming up with him to release a line of art supplies called Kid Made Modern, I flipped. I […]

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Hollie - Beautiful photos! as usual. My kids loved the paint by number too. I wish I had the birds to paint! So cute.

APRIL - Thanks, Hollie! The birds were actually available online the other day, believe it or not!

Jen - That line is the best, isn’t it? I think your bird looks perfect!

Brown Paper Packages

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most crafty person in the world. I mean, I like to do little things here & there, but overall, it’s just not me. However, something I do love to do is wrap presents. I just think it’s fun to give people something that’s really beautiful. […]

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Tina - I LOVED the pom pom wrapping! So cute, and she LOVED your gift:)

Gail - OOOHHHHH April. I loved this gift so so SO much. It’s already a top contender for best baby gift I’ll receive. You are such a wonderful friend and, even more, so incredibly THOUGHTFUL for knowing how much these books have always meant to my little travel-loving heart.

Love you to Sasek’s Moon and back!!! xoxoxo

APRIL - Thanks, guys! I had fun making it & it makes me so happy to know how much you loved & appreciated the books, Gail. I love giving gifts :)

Maya - What a perfect gift for Gail! Loving your photography on this blog too April!!!

Happy Friday! - […] Kickin’ up brown paper packages tied up with string. […]

Amanda - perfect gift wrapping idea, i always seam to be late for a birthday party with no wrapping paper in the house… but we do have a crazy stock of brown paper bags on yarn! great blog