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Inside My House – Living Room

Next up on my home tour… my living room & let me tell you, there’s a lot of living that goes on in here. This is the room that we spend the majority of our time in. For that reason, it’s always an evolving work in progress. What you see is the latest version (minus the cardboard box that my kids have been playing in for the past week), but I’m sure it’ll look slightly different next month. I try to change out the toys that we have down here to keep it interesting for Jack & Finn. We used to have a coffee table in here, but with all of the tumbling & wrestling that goes on in a house with 2 boys (& a playful husband) it seemed safer for everyone if it went away for awhile. Even though it’s usually a little crazy looking, this has always been my favorite room in the house, well, until the bathroom came along, that is. The only thing that I’d change is the wall color. This was the very first room that we tackled when we moved in & my tastes have changed a ton since then. I’d love for it to be grey instead of tan, but it would be an overwhelming task to repaint this room, what with the bookshelves and all. So, tan it is & tan it shall stay! Ok, I’d also change the denim couch, but I’ll be honest, it’s the perfect couch to have in a house with kids. It looks better with some wear on it & it washes up beautifully. Once Jack & Finn get older, though, I will definitely be investing in something new!

This is one of my most favorite things in the whole house. It’s from IKEA & although I think it’s still available in black, they stopped making the yellow quite awhile ago. It’s the one piece of furniture that I’m terrified of something happening to because I have no idea how I’d repair it. That being said, this probably isn’t the safest room for it to live. Oh well….

Another of my favorite things is this light fixture from Pottery Barn. It replaced an ugly old ceiling fan & it makes me happy, happy, happy every time I look at it. It was a total pain to hang, but now that it’s up, it was totally worth it. Two of the bulbs have recently burnt out, so I’m on a quest to find replacements. Fingers crossed! On a side note, I’ve had that map of South America since I was a kid. It’s hung in every house we’ve ever lived in & people have always asked why I have a map of South America on my wall. It’s pretty funny to me that they’re in style now. My bookcase is getting unreasonably full. The plan is to buy two more & place them where the kitchen play set is. I just have to have a day to spare to drive to IKEA & pick them up. Much easier said than done…

And finally, our “famous” gallery wall. When we had our family pictures taken, the picture of us reading on the couch, with this wall behind us, was pinned & repinned on Pinterest a crazy amount of times. It was pretty surreal. This wall took probably 2 years to completely be at the stage that it is now. Most of the frames are ones that we had just lying around in the basement/attic. I ordered some Montana Gold spray paint from Dick Blick & went to town. I added in some wood, white & metal frames along with some canvas prints & mirrors to keep it from being too colorful. Not that this is sedate, but it’s less crazy than it could be. I was going insane trying to decide what pictures to put in the frames so I decided to get some colorful paper to put in them as placeholders. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not a huge fan of the papers, but they do the job for now. Also, they’re all hung straight, but I used a wide-angle lens to take this picture so it looks like they’re not straight at all. Didn’t want you to question Dustin’s excellent picture hanging skills;)

Since this room was the first room that we did, I didn’t get a chance to take any before pictures until it was under way. This is what 3 of the 4 walls looked like. That’s a tiny floral print on the wallpaper, in case you were wondering. On the fourth wall? A cream & burgundy toile pattern. Yeah.

Jen - I’m in love with your windows. So much beautiful natural light. *le sigh*

The whole room is gorgeous!

Aubrey - Love all the wonderful pops of colour throughout this room, it makes me happy just looking out it. Totally want to covet that light fixture as well!!!

APRIL - Thank you guys so much!

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