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Drink Up – Old Thyme Collins

Last summer I had a version of this drink at one of my favorite restaurants, RedSeven. Unfortunately it was only a seasonal offering so I haven’t had one since. I finally decided to just try to figure it out myself & see how it goes. I’m happy to report that it was a total success. The full recipe’s at the bottom if you’d like to try my little experiment for yourself. It’s going to be a perfect spring drink!

Basically, I just used the Tom Collins recipe that was on the side of an old cocktail shaker that had belonged to Dustin’s grandpa & just added thyme. I also increased the amount of gin in the recipe because it was pretty weak. It’s possible that my glass is taller than the one they would’ve put it in, so I may have ended up with too much soda. Unfortunately, the seal on said shaker wasn’t quite the tight fit it used to be & I ended up wearing part of the recipe. Good times. Or should I say good thymes? No, definitely not…

Old Thyme Collins

Pour 2 ounces gin in a shaker filled with ice

Add the juice of 1 lemon & 1.5 teaspoons sugar

Put the lid on your shaker & shake, shake, shake!

Muddle 1 sprig of thyme in the bottom of your glass

Fill glass with ice

Pour contents from shaker over ice & thyme

Fill the rest of the way with soda water

Garnish with 2 sprigs of thyme

Drink up!

Hollie - I’ll be over for one asap! I’m loving your photos – I think shake it up is my fav :) Awesome post, April!

APRIL - Come on over! Just bring a lemon because I just ran out ;)

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