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Brown Paper Packages

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most crafty person in the world. I mean, I like to do little things here & there, but overall, it’s just not me. However, something I do love to do is wrap presents. I just think it’s fun to give people something that’s really beautiful. Of course, don’t let this post fool you, I love traditional wrapping paper & ribbons, I just thought I’d try something different out this time around. I had this vision of kraft paper wrapped up with lots of yarn & here’s how I went about turning that idea into something tangible.

Step 1 – Find a great gift! My friend Gail recently found out she was expecting & considering she’s quite the world traveler & a voracious reader, getting her these books was a no-brainer. We have the New York version here & I absolutely love it. I gave Gail Rome, Paris, London & San Francisco, but there are even more titles, including the Moon. So great.

Step 2 – Find some fun yarn. Probably my favorite part of the whole job;)

Step 3 – Wrap your gift & tie it up with the yarn in a simple knot. I actually ended up using a kraft paper bag because the store was out of rolls of paper. It had it’s quirks, but ultimately, it worked just fine.

Step 4 – Make a pretty bow. This was actually how the present first turned out. It looked just fine, but I wanted something more fun. So, I decided to try something else.

Step 5 – Try another bow, er… pompom. Ah, there, that’s better. Look below for how I made this super easy pom. Seriously, it took about 2 minutes. It doesn’t really get much better than that, right?

There are few different ways to make a pom, but I just did it this way & it actually seemed the easiest. First, I wrapped a ton of yarn around a postcard. If you want a smaller pom, just use a smaller rectangle of some type of stiff paper/board.

Then, just fold the paper in half & slide the yarn off.

Next, slide a piece of yarn under your pom & center it. Then, just tie it all together. Finally, trim the loops & voila! A great big pom! I mean, c’mon, how easy was that? Just use the excess from the piece of yarn to tie it to the middle of your gift & you’re all set.

Tina - I LOVED the pom pom wrapping! So cute, and she LOVED your gift:)

Gail - OOOHHHHH April. I loved this gift so so SO much. It’s already a top contender for best baby gift I’ll receive. You are such a wonderful friend and, even more, so incredibly THOUGHTFUL for knowing how much these books have always meant to my little travel-loving heart.

Love you to Sasek’s Moon and back!!! xoxoxo

APRIL - Thanks, guys! I had fun making it & it makes me so happy to know how much you loved & appreciated the books, Gail. I love giving gifts :)

Maya - What a perfect gift for Gail! Loving your photography on this blog too April!!!

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Amanda - perfect gift wrapping idea, i always seam to be late for a birthday party with no wrapping paper in the house… but we do have a crazy stock of brown paper bags on yarn! great blog

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