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3 is the Magic Number

I have some big news! For the next 6 months, they’ll be a new assistant in the style department here at ASIC. I’m expecting Baby #3 & he or she will definitely be changing up the way my style posts look! I’m due February 19 & am super excited, albeit a little nervous considering Dustin & I will be officially outnumbered. I’ve been feeling okay, not great, but I’m hanging in there. I have a friend who was sick all day, everyday during pregnancy so I know how bad I could be feeling. We’ll (hopefully) find out October 2nd if we’re having a boy or a girl & I love that part of it all. I think it’d be so cool to be surprised, but I’m too much of a planner. Plus, once I know if it’s a boy or a girl I can start calling it he or she instead of well, It. For me, knowing also makes it just a little bit more real for some reason.

I don’t expect to start doing a bunch of baby or maternity posts, but like I said, my style posts will definitely be different, starting with this one. Ok, this isn’t really a style post. This is me on the beach during our vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan last week. On a final note, it’s absolutely insane how much earlier you start showing by the time you get to your third baby. Egads.

Courtney - EEEEEE!!!!! Congrats to you and Dustin, I’m so happy for you guys!! :D

Hollie - As always, you look awesome! Congrats!!

Tina - ohmygosh CONGRATS!!! I was actually JUST wondering about you today, I remember you saying you guys were going to start to try after we met at Gail’s! That’s so exciting, can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!

Jen - Congratulations!!! How exciting!!

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