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Master Bedroom – Work in Progress

With the new baby on the way, we’ve been trying to tackle a mountain of projects these past few months. We find out what we’re having a week from tomorrow & I can’t wait! I wanted to have everything besides the nursery done by then, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, which isn’t too surprising. Our plans involve switching 4 different rooms in our house, so no small feat. Plus, I decided to throw our master bedroom into the mix because apparently I thought we needed more stuff to do. Actually, one of the rooms getting switched was my office/closet & so we needed to redo the closet in the master in order to accommodate the clothes that would be coming from that room. If it sounds confusing, trust me, it is. I’ll try to eventually get a round up of everything we’ve done, but right now it’s all in such a state of flux that I’ll just show you a bite size so as not to overwhelm. With all of this moving around, my house seriously looks like a storage facility or an episode of hoarders. Ok, here are the before photos of our bedroom. We’ve never really done anything besides paint because I was never quite sure what I wanted. After removing all of the floral wallpaper (which I’ll show in the final before/after) just the coat of paint felt like enough for awhile. I decided to re-paint this room spur of the moment last weekend, so it’s not quite as clean as I’d like & work had actually been started already. The worst part though is the fact that they’re just iPhone photos because I was in a hurry to get started. Geez, what kind of photographer am I?

In the following picture, you can see the new closet doors. Yay for gaining 2 feet of closet space!

Mary Beth - Love your blog,love the big pictures,your text. Even the name of it is great imho.

Would love to see a FP of your house. Always helps me when I am trying to put it together in my head. Nothing fancy necessary.

Can’t wait to see your bedroom reveal!

Mary Beth

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