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Matilda Kate

Well, well, well… big news since I blogged last… Baby #3 made her debut & yes, it’s a girl ;).  Matilda Kate was born healthy & happy on February 19 at 5:02 pm weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19″ long. Even though I’d had 2 previous c-sections, I was going to try one last time for a VBAC. I ended up having about 19-20 hours of relatively easy labor, most of it spent at home, actually, & then BOOM! it was like someone flipped a switch & my body decided it was delivery time. Half an hour later, while still waiting for my epidural I might add, Matilda was born. It was the most boring labor ever followed by the most intense, dramatic delivery I could’ve imagined. And? It was amazing. Sometime soon I’d like to write out the whole story, but there’s no time today, which has basically become the story of my life. Either no time or no energy. It’s ok though because our not-so-little family is totally worth it. Here are a few pictures of Matilda & the rest of us…

Meeting for the first time. Swoon.

We tried to do a copy of the picture that Dustin did with both Jack & Finn, but she wasn’t into it. At all. We took it anyway;)

Finn wouldn’t go near her for about 10 minutes, but he warmed up quickly after that. Both Jack & Finn are super sweet with her. It’s a pretty great thing to watch.

Four days old…

A rare picture with her eyes open. She slept SO much the first month. Honestly, she still sleeps a lot, but not nearly as much as she did then.

Two weeks old & testing out the hair accessories. She approved.

5 weeks old & decked out in her sweet Easter dress. I forgot to put her bow back in for this picture…oops!

The whole family at Easter!


*I already posted this over on the Pure Photography blog, but thought I’d better post it here too, just in case you weren’t following over there (highly likely).

carly tati - April!!! This photography is gorgeous, but it helps to have such a beautiful family:)

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