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Identity Crisis

I started this blog because I thought it would be great to have a single place to put all of the cool things I’ve found along with some personal style & home design posts. I went into it pretty blindly, without a solid plan. I just wanted to enjoy it and have fun. It was never my goal to get advertisers or to do giveaways, although I’d never complain if companies wanted to give me free products to review or style ;). Unfortunately, after I started the blog I started to get “stage fright” for lack of a better term. I didn’t know if a specific post would be appropriate for the blog or if anyone would be interested in reading it. Therefore, I played it safe & kept my posts relatively simple with basically no personal posts about my day to day life. The problem with that is that it’s no fun. It’s really restrictive & pretty boring. I’ve decided that in order to truly enjoy this blog, I need to write it as though no one is reading. Which, honestly, isn’t too far from the truth. I’m more than ok with that though. So many blogs nowadays are written with the intent of gaining a large viewership which will translate into advertisers which translates into money. I get it, and I love those blogs, but it’s not for me. I want to blog purely as a creative outlet. I don’t want the pressure of writing for a specific audience or monitoring what I say so as not to offend a sponsor. So, from here on out, expect to see a more personal side to this blog. It’ll still have all of the things it had before, but I’ll be including my family in more posts. Basically, it’s going to be an online journal for myself & if you feel like peeking through the pages, you’re more than welcome. Hopefully it won’t be too boring;)

Jenn - Good for you, April. That’s a similar approach I took to my blogs..my FSGS blog is sheerly for me to vent my frustrations. I write my personal blog as documentation of what our life was like for Izzy. My hope is that, when she’s older, I can present her the printed book versions of the blog so she can see what life was like for us while she was growing up.

I think this will be a great adventure for you:)

Tina - Yay! Excited to read more posts from you!

Carly Tati - Congratulations April! You put up a post and wonder how anyone will find it. Will they like it? But I think that if you feel you have something to say, then that’s what the blogosphere is for and I’m sure it will be interesting.

Jenn, the commenter above- what a wonderful idea to create a printed book of the blog, amazing:)

Cheers to you April, I’ll be following.

Maya Laurent - Awesome April! Way to open yourself up and have this be a place for us to see the real you!

Hollie - Yay! Can’t wait to see more ;) and that picture is Gorgeous!

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