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Office – Before

When we found out we were having a third baby, I realized that my office situation was going to have to change. It was in a room upstairs that was perfect for an office, but unfortunately was going to be needed for another bedroom. I did think, for a bit, about having Jack & Finn share a room. Between their age difference & their very different sleeping habits though, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to be the best idea. Because of the layout of the rooms upstairs, it would be for the best if Jack moved into my office & the new baby moved into Jack’s room. Luckily, Jack thought that was a great idea. Phew! Of course once we had the bedrooms figured out, the next question was where my office was going to go. We eventually did some shuffling around downstairs & it’s now in what was originally the “grown-up” room. Since we did all the moving around while I was pregnant, nothing’s really been done to my office except putting the furniture in here. It’s just a jumbled mess of mismatched stuff with no cohesion or style whatsoever. I was going to try to make an art corner for the kids, but man, they’re messy and I really like the idea of having one room that’s all mine. Now that my bedroom’s pretty much finished, it’s time for me to jump in and get it looking good. I’ve already bought a new desk (even though my last one was awesome, just not what I needed anymore) and a cute filing cabinet. Since I’ve retired from photography, I don’t need as much stuff in my office as I used to and can simplify for a much prettier look. I’m sure it’ll be a million years before I get the after shots up, but here’s a look at what my office looked like before I started working on it. Honestly, except for the desk, it still looks like this. Ugh. I need to get to work!


Through those double (triple?) doors is the room where our pool table is. Sometimes the doors are open, sometimes not. Light floods through here if they are, which makes working on the computer a little tricky. That yellow cabinet is one of my favorite pieces of furniture, but I’m having an issue with where to put it right now. I’m going through a neutral/pale phase & it doesn’t really fit. Hmmm…

The two art cabinets are there on the right. If I do decide to keep the art stuff in here, Dustin’s going to build me one large cabinet to put everything in. Cohesion – hooray!

Also? I’ll be investing in a different table. Again, I was just working with pieces from different areas of the house.

Please ignore my filthy floors. Oy.

Yeah, I think there’s room for improvement here. Yikes, right? Like I said, I do love that vintage metal desk, it’s just that it’s not only built like a tank, but it’s about as big as one too. I’m going for something more sleek & streamlined.

I’m putting together a mood board, so stay tuned!

Maya Laurent - I need to come to your house one day April. I just adore all the photos you post!

APRIL - Maya – Thanks! I would love for you to visit! Maybe I should host the next slumber party ;)

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