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One way or another, you’ve stumbled upon my little blog here. What’s it about? Well, the header up there pretty much sums it all up. This isn’t strictly a fashion blog or a food blog or a home design blog. It’s a little bit of everything. The name came about because I actually lack a concrete, discernible, style. My online biographies always read as follows:

I love vintage & modern, vivid colors & sedate neutrals, sequins & sweatshirts, classical music & garage rock. Basically, I’m a study in contrasts.

It’s true. I’ve never been able to settle on a style that I feel defines me. Some days I like to wear all black & the next day I could just as easily put on a cream, tulle dress or a neon pink cardigan & be equally happy. I’d like to think I’m not alone in this feeling, that there are other people out there who vacillate between so many different styles, but I don’t see it often. The good news about this, in relation to the blog, is that even if you don’t like what I’m posting one day, the odds are good that you may absolutely love what pops up the next!

You can look forward to lots of posts on what inspires me in addition to the following:

  • Fashion – “what I wore” personal style posts
  • Home Design – follow along as I re-decorate (again & again) my 1800’s Victorian farmhouse
  • Food – favorite recipes, especially cocktails
  • Party Planning – I throw at least a couple of parties a year. Come watch as I stress out & try to figure out the perfect way to put it all together
  • Guest Posts – This will be a little ways in the future, but I’m working on getting some posts up about a variety of different subjects. I’m¬†really¬†looking forward to these!

Of course there’s a lot more I’ll cover, but I think you get the idea. Check out the next blog post to find out more about me…

Family portrait by Gail Werner

Hollie - So awesome!!!! It looks great! and I can’t wait to see more…

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