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Bedroom – Sneak Peek

The only thing that’s still left to do to finish my bedroom is to paint the dressers. While I work up the energy to tackle that project, I thought I’d give you a little peek. I actually might be changing up the lighting situation & I need to get new shams and pillowcases, so I guess it’s not 100% finished, but it’ll give you a good idea of where it’s all going. Even with the dressers in the state they’re in, it still looks a million times better than it did before. And to think, it only took 6 years for me to figure it all out.


PS – The crookedness of that second pillow is killing me!

Gail - APRIL!!! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Seriously, when your kiddos get bigger, you should SERIOUSLY think about pursuing interior design. You are SOOO gifted at this! Just…wow. In all seriousness, will you help me (next year sometime maybe) come up with a new concept for my bedroom? I’m DYING to redo things and would love your awesome input!

Maya - April…I love the black and white signs with the gold pillow accents. Such a combo I’ve never thought of before!

milsztof fotograf olsztyn - I’m not so much for gold to be honest but I love those chalkboards. Can’t wait to see more.

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