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Vow Renewal

Back in mid-May, Dustin & I renewed our wedding vows for our 15th anniversary. It was so much fun & just such a cool thing to do. I loved every minute of it. I really want to share some of the pictures here, but I’m planning on submitting it to a wedding blog, so I can’t post any until I know if they’re going to post or not. Here’s one picture of the day that perfectly sums up our family. Crazy, basically. If you’d like to see the blog post that our photographer & friend, Gail Werner, put together, click here to head on over to her website. She did an amazing job & we couldn’t be happier with what she captured for us. I’ll let you guys know if it gets posted anywhere. If not, or at the very least, after it does, I’ll do a post here too, talking about details & some how-tos.


Gail - Oh fingers crossed you get it published somewhere! It SO deserves to be — you put so much DIY goodness into it!

APRIL - Thank you, Gail! You and Hollie are the ones who’ve convinced me I should submit it somewhere. Thanks to your amazing pictures, I think I have a pretty good shot!

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