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Coffee Bar Command Center

A couple of years ago, Jack & I bought Dustin a Keurig for Christmas. The plan was for him to take it to his office, but, well, that never happened. Up until that point, I wasn’t a big coffee drinker. It was such a pain to measure everything out, just for the one, maybe two cups that I was going to drink. Once the Keurig came into my life though, it was a completely different story. It’s perfect for someone who only drinks a cup or two a day. Add that to the fact that I found the perfect creamer & it was a life changer. I wish so much that I could drink my coffee black, but it’s just so gross. I’m working on it though! I use half as much creamer as I used to, so I’m on my way. After trying to figure out counter space & trying to find the perfect space for everything coffee related (Dustin still uses a real coffeemaker most of the time), I finally came up with the idea of setting up a sort of coffee bar area. I love having everything right there within reach. Once we hung up the pegboard and put all of our mugs on it, it was perfection. We have a bulletin board right next to it (that I keep swearing I’m going to paint) where I keep all of the current need-to-know info & it’s made my life so much easier than having everything pinned to the limited space on our refrigerator. Hooray for organization!


I’m going to have to beg you to ignore my crazy floor. It’s one of the last things that we need to replace in this house. We actually found this cabinet in the loft of our barn when we lived in Michigan. A few coats of paint & some new knobs & it was good to go. It used to live in my office, until I decided to steal it for the kitchen.

I love, love, love this vintage Coffee Break mug that I found on Etsy. The bottom of the mug, on the inside, reads “Now Back to Work”. It’s adorable. Unfortunately, it’s too small for even the smallest setting on the Keurig. So, it gets to hold my fun gold spoons from Furbish (I couldn’t find them on their site, but maybe they’ll be back soon). I’m also a sucker for all of the special travel mugs that Starbucks does. The Band of Outsiders one with the paint drips is especially great. It’s gone online, but you may still be able to find one in an actual store.

Finn loves to help make coffee. Finn is the reason I need coffee.

Mugs. So many mugs. Dustin once threatened to divorce me if I brought home one more mug. Then, I came up with the pegboard idea & saved our marriage;)

I just need Finn to get a little taller so that I don’t have to assist him when it comes to coffee making. Then I need to train him to bring it to me in bed. Baby steps. Oh & those last two pictures? Once he’s pressed the button, he yells “Go, go go!” & jumps down into my arms. It’s fun.

Jen - That peg board turned the mug collection into a wicked cool art installation! Love the coffee bar idea. I wonder if I could find a space to do that in our home. Hmm… Thinking….

Dustin - First pillows… Then lamps… NOW coffee mugs!!

APRIL - Thanks, Jen! I really love the way it looks. Plus, it clears out cabinet space. Double win! Our coffee bar is in a small corner that would’ve gone unused anyway because it’s in a weird spot. Hopefully you can find a place for one!

APRIL - You forgot shoes ;)

Sunshine Fromkin - Hi there! I love your coffee bar! I’m trying to figure out how to store and display my Starbucks mugs collection and I think your peg board idea will be perfect. I have a couple questions for you:

1. What did you use to attach the peg board to the wall?
2. Did you attach it directly flush to the wall, or was it necessary to affix it to something else first and then attach that to the wall? (Like, is it difficult to hang the hooks/mugs with the peg board flush to the wall?)

Thank you so much!

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