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With fall heading our way, the sun’s going down earlier and earlier each night. Ergo, I’m having to start taking pictures earlier in the evening. No biggie, right? WRONG. I happen to have three kids who think it’s super cool to “help” or something along those lines. Sometimes it’s fun, like when I had Finn hang out with me on the sunrise post & also help with the coffee bar post. But, when it’s 45 minutes before bedtime? Well, things get a little tricky. Here are a few outtakes from last weeks post

It all started out great. I was able to use Finn to test the light & he thought it was fun to pose with the (oft-repaired) Minecraft pickaxe. He’d already changed into half of his pajamas, in case you’re wondering about his attire.


So, I thought to myself, “Sure. This could be cute. Let’s do it, Finn!” Then he decided to have a seat & just stare at the camera.


Finally he decided to move his cute little booty & we were in business. Untillllll he almost took out my camera. Game over. He was sent inside to brush his teeth.


If you look closely in the window there, you’ll see the blur of a screaming 18 month old. She’s a total Daddy’s Girl, but for some reason, she really wanted to hang with me that night. Maybe she was jealous that she didn’t get to show off her outfit.


Soooo… lesson apparently not learned, I thought I’d let her come out and make her blog debut. So far so good, right?


WRONG. Again. Not only did she decide to make the craziest of faces, but our dog, Max, decided to get in on the action too. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS?!?!??? Obviously, the picture on the right shows she’s over it. About 30 seconds after I brought her outside. No exaggeration.


I don’t have any pictures of it, but Jack called me over “Hurry!” to see a grasshopper family. “Look! The mommy is giving the baby a ride on it’s back!” Pretty sure that was a daddy, not a baby, but I kept that knowledge to myself. So, yeah. Basically photo shoots are about to get more interesting around here. Maybe I can bribe them with candy……

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