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Bedroom – The Final After

Two years ago I posted before pictures of our bedroom. A year and a half ago, I posted the mood board. A year ago, I posted a sneak peek. This year, I’m going to finally show you the finished product! I mean, seriously. Who takes two years to complete a project? To be fair, I have had a baby since then, so life’s been a little crazy. Next week, I’ll do a full before and after, showing pictures from what the house looked like when we first moved in, but for today, I’ll just show you this one before shot, just to give you an idea of what we walked into when we bought this house.


Now listen. I know that this isn’t a fair “before” picture, but it’s all that I have. We were getting ready to remove the wallpaper (note the steamer on the floor) when I realized that I should probably get a couple of pictures of the room before we took it down. We hadn’t decorated it one bit, it’s night, and I’m using flash. Still though, you get the idea, right?

Ok and nowwwwwww the after…. TA DA!


Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I made these canvases for Dustin for Valentine’s Day last year. They’re the lyrics to our wedding song, “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin.


I’d searched for what felt like forever to find the right lighting. The tables (similar here) that I ended up with are really small (too small, if I’m being honest here) & there really wasn’t room for a lamp. Plus, there was still wall space that really needed filled. Every time I searched for pendant lamps though, they were either the wrong style or wayyyyy too expensive. Then, voila! Enter these babies from Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, I just checked & they don’t carry them any more. Bummer.  I actually painted the flowerpot on the right, believe it or not. It’s just a cheapie terra cotta pot that I painted pink then added a gold triangle using painters tape and some Martha Stewart gold paint. I painted the one on the left too, I’ve just never got around to adding a design. Also, after looking at these pictures, I realize now that I need a new light switch cover. Ignore it, ok?:)


The awesome pillows are from Goods by Grinn, which I’ve just discovered is now called Stay & Co, & I think they’re just the most fun. On a side note, if you know where that phrase is from, congratulations, we’re now BFF’s. The bed is from Pottery Barn & it’s one of the fanciest things we own. I love that when I want more color in there someday I can just paint it. How fun will that be?


This chair. Oh man. Ok, so I originally bought this massive, darker wicker, peacock chair that was also much more ornate. It’s gorgeous & it was a good price. Plus, I hadn’t seen any around here, so I grabbed it up instantly. Two weeks later, I find this one for less than half the price. It’s small size and lighter color work so much better for this space. So, if you know someone looking for a peacock chair, well, let’s just say I know someone who might have one to sell. On a side note, if that poor little fiddle leaf fig there is still alive come spring, it’ll be a miracle. I killed two last year when winter came along, so we’ll see if I can save this one. Fingers crossed! The basket that the plant is in is from Target (similar here & here, although they did have the same one in stock at my Target).


The felt balls strung up on the windows are from Hello Maypole. I made that garland myself too. Maybe I’m crafty after all!


Alright, here’s the reason why this room hadn’t been posted yet. These dressers. I bought them with the intention of painting them. They’re the perfect size & I just can’t justify buying new ones. Although I just saw this on West Elm’s Instagram today & about died. Anyway, back to reality. If I’m being completely honest with myself, there’s no way I’m ever going to have time to paint these. At least not until Matilda’s in school. So, I finally decided to just suck it up and show it to you with them as is. I want to get a big canvas printed to hang above the dresser. There’s a picture from our vow renewal that I just love and I think it’ll be perfect there.


This Land of Nod lamp was supposed to go on the bedside table, but the design was too similar to the shape of the table, plus they were just too big for the table too. So, one went on the dresser and one ended up in my office. I’m definitely not complaining. The LOVE print is from Made by Girl & it’s just so great, you guys. That’s our wedding invitation in the gold frame & the flower crown from The Scalloped Window is what I wore for our vow renewal. Isn’t it pretty? I should wear it all the time.


Alright, that’s it for now. I’ll show you the full transformation from before to in between to now here soon. I promise.

Gail - This is INSANE. As in, insanely awesome. Incredible!

Patience B - Where did you get the Thank You artwork??!! I need that above our bed asap! absolutely love the way its scripted and placed on the three canvases.

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