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A Study in Contrasts - Leather Skirt

A Study in Contrasts - Leather Skirt

This bag was another TJMaxx score. It’s pretty much the perfect handbag. I somehow feel ladylike and bad-ass when I carry it. A Study in Contrasts defined in one simple bag.

A Study in Contrasts - Leather Skirt

So, Finn followed us outside and wanted to be in the pictures too. Despite the fact that it’s 50 degrees out and he’s only wearing pajama pants, I’d say he’s working it.

A Study in Contrasts - Leather Skirt

I’m guessing this is his Blue Steel?

A Study in Contrasts - Leather Skirt

He’s recently started taking Karate class and so he thought he’d show us a few of those moves too. I should probably just set him up on his own blog now, right?

A Study in Contrasts - Karate

So here’s the deal… I have a thing for leather clothes. As cute as my polka dot & striped skirts are, I really prefer my clothes with a little more edge to them. What makes my love of leather even more fun is the fact that clothing manufacturers have finally figured out a way to make “vegan” leather look great. It’s still not as good as the real thing, but the guilt factor (not to mention the price) is a lot lower. I used to have a pair of deep-red pleather pants & as much fun as they were to wear out to the club, they were hella uncomfortable & squeaked when I walked. Yes, squeaked. Not good. So anyway, I have pants, leggings, dresses, and now a skirt. At the end of summer, I fell in love with a pleated leather skirt at Zara, but the fit of it was just “off” for me. I scoured the internet until I found another one, which was no small feat. There were a few different pleated leather skirts out there, but they were all midi length. I’m short, so that’s just a no-go. Finally, finally, I found this one at Victoria’s Secret. In the interest of full disclosure, it’s not perfect, the zipper makes a weird bump on my hip (which you can totally see in the second picture up there), but at this point, I’ve realized that I’ve got to take what I can get. Plus, it was on sale. Score! I threw in a little more pattern mixing because, well, why not? As if a leather skirt isn’t interesting enough on it’s own, I put a leopard print belt with it. Rock on.


PS- I added the text at the bottom of the post this time. Thoughts? I kind of like the way it looks better, but I also kind of like having an intro to the post at the top too. Let me know what you think!


Sunglasses – Target

Shirt – JCPenney (on sale!)

Skirt – Victoria’s Secret (on sale!)

Belt – Target

Boots – Target (similar)

Bag – Vince Camuto via TJMaxx (similar at Vince Camuto) (similar at Target)

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