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Bedroom Mood Board

Quite awhile ago I showed you a before picture of our bedroom. Believe it or not, it’s still not finished. Basically, I painted it & that was that. To be fair, I’ve been pregnant & therefore useless this whole time. Basically, Matilda’s lucky that she even has a nursery. What was fascinating to me was the fact that once I had Matilda & had a couple of weeks to settle into our new life with her, it was like my brain suddenly turned back on. I’d been unable to figure out what to do with our bedroom. I mean, I had a general idea, but it was very broad & vague. About a month or so ago, my A-HA moment happened & I haven’t looked back. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve been bombarded with my pins for the bedroom & for that I apologize. Pinterest has been so helpful to me in designing the rooms in my house though. It’s so convenient to have all of the images right there in one place & to see how it all fits together (or doesn’t!). We have pretty much everything for the room just sitting up there in boxes, but I don’t want to put anything up until the bed gets here. I know that may seem silly, but I really want to have a big reveal, you know? I want it to go from “meh” to “whoa” in one day. Yeah, apparently I need a little drama in my life. Below is a mood board I put together of all of our stuff. I’m so excited to get it done. The one big project that is kind of up in the air right now is the floor situation. There’s carpeting in there that I’m not particularly fond of & I really, really want to pull it up & paint the floors white. Obviously that’s a big job & we just don’t have the time, or more importantly, the energy to tackle that right now. Hopefully the rug will look ok on top of the carpeting, at least for now. Fingers crossed!

As you can probably see, it’s going to be a very monochrome room with lots of white & cream (walls, bed, linens, curtains, floors – hopefully!) with accents of black & gold. How very Purdue of me! I also want to have quite a few plants in our bay window. Ideally I’d like to have a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree at some point, but they’re pretty pricey so I’m waiting awhile on that one. I’m not known for my green thumb so it makes me a little nervous to invest more than $20 in a plant. I’m going to string up the felt balls & hang them across the windows for a little visual interest. I also want to get a print made from our photo shoot last year to hang on one wall. I just have to decide which one & if I’m ok with looking at my face every night;)All in all, what I really wanted out of this room was for it to be a serene & calm sanctuary. With three (!) kids in the house, I thought it’d be nice to have somewhere special & romantic for us to be able to go. We have lots of color in the rest of the house, but I just really wanted our room to be mellow, you know? Now I just have to get that bed in & then I can finally relax for real in there….


1. Canvases that I created using lyrics from our wedding song  2.Black & White Ombre Felt Balls by Maypole  3.Between a Rock & a Lamp by Land of Nod  4.Marrakesh Shag Rug by RugsUSA  5.Threshold Iron Wire Table at Target  6.Love Print by Made by Girl  7.Hexagon Terrarium at Urban Outfitters (no longer available online)  8.Turning Triangles Terrarium at Urban Outfitters  9.Faceted Terrarium at Urban Outfitters  10.Coleman Bed by Pottery Barn


I discovered these pillows when they were on Brickyard Buffalo awhile back & fell in love. If I had room, I’d buy every single style that she sells.

All pillows by Goods by Grinn. 11.Heart  12.Kaleidsoscope  13.Polka Dot  14.Pathways  15.Arrow




Matilda Kate

Well, well, well… big news since I blogged last… Baby #3 made her debut & yes, it’s a girl ;).  Matilda Kate was born healthy & happy on February 19 at 5:02 pm weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19″ long. Even though I’d had 2 previous c-sections, I was going to try one last time for a VBAC. I ended up having about 19-20 hours of relatively easy labor, most of it spent at home, actually, & then BOOM! it was like someone flipped a switch & my body decided it was delivery time. Half an hour later, while still waiting for my epidural I might add, Matilda was born. It was the most boring labor ever followed by the most intense, dramatic delivery I could’ve imagined. And? It was amazing. Sometime soon I’d like to write out the whole story, but there’s no time today, which has basically become the story of my life. Either no time or no energy. It’s ok though because our not-so-little family is totally worth it. Here are a few pictures of Matilda & the rest of us…

Meeting for the first time. Swoon.

We tried to do a copy of the picture that Dustin did with both Jack & Finn, but she wasn’t into it. At all. We took it anyway;)

Finn wouldn’t go near her for about 10 minutes, but he warmed up quickly after that. Both Jack & Finn are super sweet with her. It’s a pretty great thing to watch.

Four days old…

A rare picture with her eyes open. She slept SO much the first month. Honestly, she still sleeps a lot, but not nearly as much as she did then.

Two weeks old & testing out the hair accessories. She approved.

5 weeks old & decked out in her sweet Easter dress. I forgot to put her bow back in for this picture…oops!

The whole family at Easter!


*I already posted this over on the Pure Photography blog, but thought I’d better post it here too, just in case you weren’t following over there (highly likely).

carly tati - April!!! This photography is gorgeous, but it helps to have such a beautiful family:)

Nursery PomPoms

It’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog I’m kind of embarrassed to come back. However, I promised my friend Hollie that I would post about this project I did for the nursery, so maybe this is just what I need to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak. I have one month left until Baby gets here & things are in full panic mode! We found out we’re having a girl (our first!) so it’s been pretty fun & overwhelming getting everything ready for her. I’m putting the finishing touches on her nursery, so I don’t have the whole thing to blog yet, but thought you might like to see this little project.

We have pretty high ceilings in our house, which makes decorating the walls a little trickier than usual. I’m always looking for creative ways to fill the space & finally stumbled upon this little DIY about a month ago on Design Sponge on how to make your own pompom garland. It looked easy enough, so I ordered the pom maker & then went searching for some yarn. You wouldn’t believe how long I spent staring at different yarn colors. After experimenting with a couple of different types of yarn & finding which one worked best for me, I got to work. It was a pretty easy project to do considering I just sat on the couch & watched tv while I wrapped the yarn. Although, you’d be surprised how tired your arm gets after awhile! Eventually, I had about 40 poms so I went to work. I left about 6 inches between my poms since there were going to be so many of them. If I would’ve had 4 strands full of poms, I’m pretty sure it would’ve been too overwhelming. Not to mention I was ready to be done making them, honestly. I tied them to some thick cotton cording & hung them from a small c-hook screwed into the ceiling at about the center of the crib. Then I just tied the bottom pom to a thumbtack & stuck it into the wall. Easy! Click on the Design Sponge link for the full tutorial. She explains it way better than I ever could. Oh & she uses more than one color in her poms, which looks fantastic, but I couldn’t quite get the hang of, unfortunately. I thought it’d look great over the crib & be something that I wouldn’t have to worry about falling off the wall. For some reason I’m always paranoid to hang pictures above beds for fear of them falling down & hitting someone on the head in the middle of the night. Weird, I know. I stopped them at a high enough point on the wall that she shouldn’t be able to reach them as she grows & starts standing in the crib. Hopefully she’ll enjoy looking up at them and seeing all the fun colors.


I actually had to add 2 poms on each side of the top strand, which meant tying on extra cording. You can see it if you’re looking for it, but it’s surprisingly not too noticeable.


Gail - You freakin’ amaze me. No pressure on this big nursery reveal..just, you know, I have the popcorn ready for when you decide to share it :)

Hollie - April, I get all teary looking at this. It’s perfect in every way. I’m so glad you posted it!

Stephanie O'Connor - This is insanely amamzing. love everything about it!

Maya Laurent - April…this is perfect! I can’t wait to see the rest of the nursery!

Master Bedroom – Work in Progress

With the new baby on the way, we’ve been trying to tackle a mountain of projects these past few months. We find out what we’re having a week from tomorrow & I can’t wait! I wanted to have everything besides the nursery done by then, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, which isn’t too surprising. Our plans involve switching 4 different rooms in our house, so no small feat. Plus, I decided to throw our master bedroom into the mix because apparently I thought we needed more stuff to do. Actually, one of the rooms getting switched was my office/closet & so we needed to redo the closet in the master in order to accommodate the clothes that would be coming from that room. If it sounds confusing, trust me, it is. I’ll try to eventually get a round up of everything we’ve done, but right now it’s all in such a state of flux that I’ll just show you a bite size so as not to overwhelm. With all of this moving around, my house seriously looks like a storage facility or an episode of hoarders. Ok, here are the before photos of our bedroom. We’ve never really done anything besides paint because I was never quite sure what I wanted. After removing all of the floral wallpaper (which I’ll show in the final before/after) just the coat of paint felt like enough for awhile. I decided to re-paint this room spur of the moment last weekend, so it’s not quite as clean as I’d like & work had actually been started already. The worst part though is the fact that they’re just iPhone photos because I was in a hurry to get started. Geez, what kind of photographer am I?

In the following picture, you can see the new closet doors. Yay for gaining 2 feet of closet space!

Mary Beth - Love your blog,love the big pictures,your text. Even the name of it is great imho.

Would love to see a FP of your house. Always helps me when I am trying to put it together in my head. Nothing fancy necessary.

Can’t wait to see your bedroom reveal!

Mary Beth

Bedroom Mood Board » a study in CONTRASTS - […] awhile ago I showed you a before picture of our bedroom. Believe it or not, it’s still not finished. Basically, I painted it & that was that. To […]

3 is the Magic Number

I have some big news! For the next 6 months, they’ll be a new assistant in the style department here at ASIC. I’m expecting Baby #3 & he or she will definitely be changing up the way my style posts look! I’m due February 19 & am super excited, albeit a little nervous considering Dustin & I will be officially outnumbered. I’ve been feeling okay, not great, but I’m hanging in there. I have a friend who was sick all day, everyday during pregnancy so I know how bad I could be feeling. We’ll (hopefully) find out October 2nd if we’re having a boy or a girl & I love that part of it all. I think it’d be so cool to be surprised, but I’m too much of a planner. Plus, once I know if it’s a boy or a girl I can start calling it he or she instead of well, It. For me, knowing also makes it just a little bit more real for some reason.

I don’t expect to start doing a bunch of baby or maternity posts, but like I said, my style posts will definitely be different, starting with this one. Ok, this isn’t really a style post. This is me on the beach during our vacation to Grand Haven, Michigan last week. On a final note, it’s absolutely insane how much earlier you start showing by the time you get to your third baby. Egads.

Courtney - EEEEEE!!!!! Congrats to you and Dustin, I’m so happy for you guys!! :D

Hollie - As always, you look awesome! Congrats!!

Tina - ohmygosh CONGRATS!!! I was actually JUST wondering about you today, I remember you saying you guys were going to start to try after we met at Gail’s! That’s so exciting, can’t wait to find out what you’re having!!

Jen - Congratulations!!! How exciting!!